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We spend $6 billion on athletic shoes a year. The National Cancer Institute spent $2.4 billion in 1997 trying to find a cure for cancer.


Careers in biomedical research provide an opportunity for discovery, and professionals in this field provide hope to millions suffering from medical conditions or diseases—hope for new and better treatments, a better life, a cure. Through their individual contributions, biomedical researchers have the potential to improve the lives of countless people and animals all over the world. From engineers to scientists, nutritionists to computer scientists, technical writers to laboratory animal technicians, these people have chosen to accept the challenge to care. You can too—by choosing a career in the exciting, demanding, and rewarding field of biomedical research.
Careers in Caring:
Considering a job in the field of biomedical research? Learn how these laboratory animal science professionals got started in the field.

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Why are increasing numbers of animals sacrificed for research?
Although the number of mice used in medical research has increased in recent years because of their use in genetic research for diseases, the number of most kinds of animals used in research has actually decreased by 20%-50% in the past 20-25 years, due in part to the replacement of some animals with non-animal testing and the improvement of research techniques.