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Americans spend about $40 billion a year on gambling, $45 billion on tobacco. The amount spent on gambling and tobacco together is more than two and a half times the amount we spend on medical research each year—including public and private dollars.


Without the contributions of mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, and a variety of other animal species, many diseases would remain unsolvable puzzles. Thanks to these animals, however, both humans and animals are free from many diseases that once plagued the world. Hope for more cures and treatments continue as animal research progresses.

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Why do veterinarians, who are supposed to take care of sick animals, work with researchers who do experiments on them?
Veterinarians realize that the results of animal research improve the health of animals as well as humans. Many advances in veterinary medicine are the direct result of animal research; some research has even helped save certain species from extinction. Veterinarians also act as advocates for research animals, making sure they are healthy and comfortable.