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Animals are a huge part of our daily lives. They provide food and clothing. They offer us companionship. They have been used for transport, farming, and construction. They protect us from other animals and our environment. They provide assistance when we are disabled. They help ensure that food, medicines, and the environment are safe for both us and our animal companions. Think of a world with no animals other than humans—it would be very stark, indeed.

Animals also serve an important role in research. Without animal research, people and animals all over the world would suffer from a range of illnesses and conditions. 

Animal welfare affects everyone. This website shows you how animals help scientists in research—and how research, in turn, helps animals.

Laboratory animal science is the area of biomedical research that specializes in the care and study of animals used in medical research, testing, and teaching. Animals are a critical part of biomedical research for many reasons. Before scientists can develop ways to treat health conditions in both humans and in animals, they need to understand the condition. Researchers use animals to learn more about these conditions; to discover more effective methods for diagnosing, treating, and curing diseases that affect both humans and animals; and to ensure the safety of new medical treatments and procedures.